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Destination: Pecs, Hungary
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Picture of: Hotel Arkadia ***

Hotel Arkadia ***

H-7621 Pécs, Hunyadi út. 1.   |   Map

Hotel Arkadia*** is situated literally in the heart of the historical downtown of Pecs, it is right at the main square – Szechenyi Square – surrounded by museums and art... More »

Picture of: Kafka Inn and Restaurant

Kafka Inn and Restaurant

H-7624 Pécs, Alkotmány u. 8.   |   Map

Kafka Inn is located in the centre of Pecs, right next to the ancient city wall. It is a perfect place to stay during a city break weekend, because the city's main... More »

Picture of: Hotel Barbakan ***

Hotel Barbakan ***

H-7624 Pécs, Bartók Béla u. 10.   |   Map

Hotel Barbakan *** is located in the heart of Pecs, only 10 minutes walk from sights and entertainment facilities. The 3-star garni hotel was opened in 2007 and... More »

Picture of: Corso Hotel Pecs ****

Corso Hotel Pecs ****

H-7630 Pécs, Koller u. 8.   |   Map

The newest Corso Hotel Pecs**** will open in May 2010. The boutique hotel is in direct connection with the historical city centre and the Pécs Knowledge Centre, which is... More »

Picture of: Hotel Millennium ****

Hotel Millennium ****

H-7625 Pécs, Kálvária u. 58.   |   Map

Hotel Millennium **** is located, right above the downtown of Pecs, on the south part of the Kalvaria Hill, in the middle of a nature reservation. The hotel offers a... More »

Picture of: Boutique Hotel Sopianae ***

Boutique Hotel Sopianae ***

H-7621 Pécs Felsőmalom u. 24.   |   Map

Boutique Hotel Sopianae *** is located in the historical city centre, near to the sights of Pecs. The architecture and design of the hotel are based on... More »

Picture of: Hotel Agoston ***

Hotel Agoston ***

H-7625 Pécs, Felsőhavi út 5.   |   Map

Agoston Hotel *** is situated in the center of Pecs, at the foot of Mecsek, in a quiet, beautiful area. The historical city center and Szechenyi square are only a... More »

Picture of: Hotel Palatinus City Center ***superior

Hotel Palatinus City Center ***superior

H-7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 3.   |   Map

Hotel Palatinus ***superior is situated in the historical city centre, in the pedestrian shopping street (Kiraly Street), directly opposite the Szechenyi... More »

Picture of: Szinbad Guesthouse ***

Szinbad Guesthouse ***

H-7624 Pécs, Klimó György u. 9.   |   Map

Szinbad Guesthouse *** is situated in the historical city centre of Pecs, next to the Cathedral, only a few steps away from the pedestrian street and the Szechenyi... More »

Picture of: Hotel Laterum ***

Hotel Laterum ***

H-7633 Pécs, Hajnóczy u. 37-39.   |   Map

Hotel Laterum ****/*** is located in the western part of Pecs. It is easy to get to the hotel by public transportation as well as by car. The historic downtown of Pecs... More »

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